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Dot Com Spot offers a free Website Design Consultation so that you can see what we can do for you before you have any out of pocket expense. We also want to get to know you because there is no one that knows your business, your service, your product or your organization better than yourself. We want your web site to showcase your business or personal character and make it one that you will be proud to tell others about.

There are many different ways of gathering information for the content of your site - you can use brochures, historical data, past advertising and personal statements. All of these items are full of wonderful information that will fill your site with the content people need to know.

"What if I do not have any of those items?" You say – have no fear we will work with you from scratch, just be prepared for lots of questions, know your goals and bring us your ideas.

The content of you website is about ‘you’ & ‘your business’


Dot Com Spot wants to take some of the frustration out of the process of getting your site up and running by letting you know what should be included, how to organize it, and other possible considerations if you are a non-profit or church. The best way to begin is by imagining that you are planning a brochure for your company or organization. You would first need to divide your information into categories.

You have ?? - We Have Answers

Not sure where to start?

Categories you might consider for either a business page or e-commerce site…
• Home Page (Index) – This is the fist page customers see. This page gives potential customers an overview of who you are & what you do. You want to grab their attention, give them a reason to stay and check out the rest of your site.
• About Your Company – On this page you would describe your plans, growth, mission statement and a brief history. You might consider adding pictures of various aspects of you company or a letter from the CEO.
• Products – This page would include photos of NEW products with short descriptions & prices, links to sub-catagories, and other product information - such as reviews.
• Services - What do you have to offer? Let your potential customers know what services you provide. Detailed information is important on this page, it helps visitors make a more informed decision.
• News - This page is for you to keep you customers updated on ‘What’s New’ with you. You could display news information, events, and other press releases.
• Contact Information – You want to make sure that your customers know how to get in touch with you. It is very important to include all contact information on this page. You can also list testimonials from satisfied customers, awards, and other business partners.

Other categories for a Non-Profit page…
• About Your Organization – On this page you would introduce your organizations Officers, Committee Chairpersons, what you are doing in your area and a history of your organization. You will also want to include your Motto.
• Calendar -This page is for you to list all your events, and meetings.
• Members – List who your members are and how others can get in touch with them. You can list them alphabetically or by categories.
Other categories for a Church page…
• Sunday School – Let the world know what classes you provide and the times you meet.
• Newsletter – Put you monthly newsletter online for the world to read.
• Youth – Let you Youth group show who they are and say what they have to say about how they are dealing with real world issues and goals they are setting for themselves.

Now that we have highlighted possible categories for your site - the focus now turns to giving each page a name. Keep in mind that these names should be short to incorporate them into you menu links and page titles.. Always check all of your information for accuracy. We will be able to make a final check on your content before your site becomes "live" on the Internet. Click the link below to get started!

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