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The Custom Website Designs D.C.S. offers can either be picked be from our Pre-Designed selection or if you are looking for something special we also take on commissioned work. All of these layouts are original, one of a kind designs. Once the license has been purchased it will be marked as sold and no longer avalible. All layouts are customizable, this can be done by D.C.S. or yourself upon purchase, and come with a CD of all graphics, and html code.

This type of design is perfect for....

Online Family Page - Do not let the distance that most families are seperated by be an excuse not to keep in touch and updated. With your own family site you can share photo's, newsletters, and let those that can not always be there in person see you everyday.
Online personal pages, make the page all about you from every angle, tell people what you want them to know. Make it truely your own


Celtic Corner
'Celtic Corner'

Golden Moments
'Golden Moments'


Pink Daisy
'Pink Daisy'

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This Day
'This Day'

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Rustic Hearts
'Rustic Hearts'

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