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MySpace the D.C.S. Way

Dot Com Spot is currently limiting taking on new MySpace graphics and design jobs at this time. We would be happy to hear from you if you are still interested in having an 'Original Dot Com Spot MySpace Design' layout done, as we will be considering each request on a person by person basis.



Laird McRea MySpace



Laird McRea

Custom Build, Custom Graphics

The background is 'Black Watch' Tartan. The 'Contact' buttons are done with a D.C.S. custom Thistle brush and the font used was Bouwsma Uncial.




Master Fraugenhall

Custom Build, Custom Graphics
This design is left in the basic layout that MySpace uses.




Master Fraugenhall MySpace



My own Personal MySpace



~ My Personal MySpace ~

Custom Build, Custom Graphics

I love ducks! So that is the theme that I decided focus my layout around. The background is actually the plaid print from the comforter in my room. I was also able to use several accent pieces in my bedroom to bring this design to life. Hope that you enjoy it! I know I do!!



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