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If you came here expecting to see pages upon pages of work that we have done...well then you are going to be disappointed. Dot Com Spot will not be able to show you mass produced websites or cookie cutter layouts that tend to litter other designers sites. Our portfolio is small and we do not mind because we believe that each person has a right to choice. If you choose to have one of those other types of sites then so be it.

Now for those of you that want to stand out from the crowd, the ones that are willing to take the extra time to have an original design created, I personally invite you to check out what Dot Com Spot can do for you today. Dot Com Spot would be more than pleased to help you create the website of your dreams within a budget you can afford. We also work with customers that have established websites, many times existing sites just need a Re-Vamp to freshen or spice things up a bit.


Dot Com Spot Designs

Beggs General Store

Beggs General Store

Beggs General has a complete website layout and build


Beggs Chamber of Commerce


Beggs Chamber of Commerce

The Beggs Chamber has a custom 6 page website layout, design & build. They also went with custom graphics for the site & carry a monthly maintenance plan with Dot Com Spot

"The color combination, designs, & angles make up a very eye catching and impressive "imprint" on the minds eye of a visitor to this area"
kathy dossey leblanc

CDR Assessment Group

CDR Assessment Group is located in Tulsa, OK. They hired Dot Com Spot in May 2009 to handle the monthly maintenance and upkeep of current site.

CDR Assessment Group



Oklahoma Cross Country Leather


Oklahoma Cross Country Leathers

A family owned business located in Beggs, OK. Custom 4 page website layout, design & build. Dot Com Spot handles the monthly maintenance and upkeep.


East Coast EDM


East Coast EDM Machine

East Coast EDM is located in Maple Glen, PA and specializes in CNC machines. They have a custom multipage website layout & build, complete with a custom drop down menu.

Hueman Paradise Farms

HP Farms is located in Muskogee, OK and is working with Dot Com Spot on a custom website design & logo.


Heuman Paradise Farms




Speak Your Mind With Out Saying A Word was founded in 2009 and is current working on a custom layout, menu and shopping carts system with Dot Com Spot.


Rampant Lion Games

Rampant Lion Games was a complete web site revamp. Custom graphics and layout. Visit them today to find out more!

Rampant Lion Games



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